For some reason the week we decided to come to RI was the same week that it was going to rain a lot. :-P It is supposed to rain every day except Wednesday and Thursday. Today because of the ran we decided to go visit the Submarine Force Library and Museum. The museum was interesting. It was for the most part a general overall history of the submarine force and not an item museum. They did have the USS Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, set up for tourists, however, they had most of the boat blocked off. All we were allowed to see were the living quarters and the command and control rooms. They didn't allow us to go into the back and see the motors or the equipment that actually powered the sub, and everything we did see was blocked off behind plexiglass panels. :-P After the museum we didn't do too much for the rest of the day. Some people played games and some took naps. Naps are amazing. After dinner we played a name the submarine game. My aunt J. had written down the names of the 41 for Freedom, a group of 41 submarines from the Cold War. These submarines are all named after famous and semi-famous people. So, my mother and aunt would give us clues from history and we had to answer with the name of the person the submarine was named after. It was quite interesting.

On a completely different note, I found a new music group which I like: OneRepublic. To my detriment...just like everything else, I can't tell why I like it. I just do. This happens a lot with me. :-P I have been listening to their YouTube videos for the last hour or so.