Well, let me try this again. I promised an update after I caught up with everything. Hah! That's a joke. I did everything I had to do, now I have more to do. First a quick overview of the last couple of months. 

The day before Thanksgiving, my car broke down. It had been such a faithful car. Since I purchased it in 2006, it had never had anything major break. This time, it was the transmission. For some reason, the final drive gears on the transmission shredded. :-( So, for a couple of weeks, I was riding my motorcycle every day. Fortunately it didn't snow or ice during that time. I ended up buying a 2000 VW Passat GLX with a manual 5-speed transmission in it from some friends of mine in Rolla. It's a very nice car and I like just about everything about it. Other than one thing I found when the weather turned cold. The thermostat is stuck open, so the car has trouble heating up. Right now I have cardboard in the radiator to help alleviate that problem, but I need to change the thermostat soon. Probably as soon as I can find someone with a garage I can borrow. Unfortunately it is going to be a rather involved job because of the position of the thermostat. It is located on top of the water pump which is behind the timing belt. This means that I have to pull the timing belt in order to get at the thermostat/water pump. But, this will just force me to change the timing belt soon. It needs to be changed anyway. 

Sometime around the third week of December, my brothers (and sister-in-law) and I descended upon my parents house like the Mongolian hordes  for Christmas where we did our very best to eat them out of house and home. I will leave it up to you to guess what happened next. After Christmas day, my brothers, Dad, and I moved my Mother's office downstairs and the piano upstairs. This is the third or fourth time the office has moved. Hopefully she won't want to move it again in the near future. :-P

New Years eve party at the Nisbett's home. Lots of fun! No further explanation necessary. :-)

The week after the party, I spent at my parents house helping/doing random projects. One was converting my Mother's old office into a home theatre with an old CRT projector. Try watching movies on an 8' screen. It's pretty amazing. The projector still needs some work. One of the LC's is melted/crazed in one corner, and the screen isn't quite flat. But it works well for how much money went into it. (Zero)

On the last day at home my Dad and I leveled the garden shed which turned out pretty darn nice. Unfortunately I didn't think to get any pictures. :-P

At the end of the week I repacked my car for the trip up to Cedar Rapids, IA. Where I am currently working for Rockwell Collins. When I was unpacking some clothing that I hadn't unpacked since the end of the school year, I found this shirt.  
 I haven't the faintest idea on where it came from. I'm not even a baseball fan. (No other sports either. :-D) 

Currently I am going to church with some good friends of mine from LeTU. I like the church so far. It is quite a lot bigger than I am used to, but they seem to have found the answer to a big church not being as friendly/close/accountable. The way it is set up is that there are three main services between 8 and 12, but they also have what they call adult bible fellowships. Basically it is a small group of people. (15-30) Who meet and study scripture together during one of the service times. I am also going to a mid-week bible study that is "run" by the same people who run the ABF of which I am a part. Right now we are going through Colossians. 

 A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine (the same people I go to church with) got me started drinking a protein shake. Now I have to say, I'm not the kind of guy who would usually just go and drink healthy stuff just to be healthy. However, I do have to admit that it has had a much bigger effect than I thought it would. I am not nearly as tired as I used to be. I used to need 8+ hours of sleep every night to be alert the next day. Now, I can get by with 5-6. I'm pretty happy. I probably wouldn't have started drinking this shake except that after the first order, if I can get three people to sign up through me, I can get my shakes for free. (Shameless plug here) jjhobbs.myvi.com (End plug) 

Last weekend I got a OBD2 PC interface through SparkFun and began the work of connecting my computer to my car. I was able to get some basic data such as air flow, rpm, engine load, and temperature, however I know that my car has a ton more data that this program I have now isn't reading. I am going to either try and modify it for my purposes. (I love open source.) Or, I am going to have to write my own. I did find that one gentleman has already written a library to interface with OBD2. Although, I don't know what functionality he put in it. 

There. Happy now? Your all up to date.

Good Night All