You would think with all the time I have for other things that I would have time to keep this updated. But, nooo! I can't seem to ever find the time. Or I find some excuse. Such as my favorite: My life is boring for other people to read about.  So what! If you don't want to read about my "boring" life. Don't!

Anyway, a quick overview of the last month: school, tests, career fair, and job applications. That about covers it. Last weekend I went to my parents house for the weekend, but of course I got sick and spent most of the weekend lazing around and sleeping. :-P This weekend I was going to go home again, but I have been coughing a lot, and it isn't very enjoyable to ride a motorcycle for two hours when you are coughing and sneezing. (Another excuse) I have discovered recently that I make a lot of excuses to myself.

Today was the start of fire safety week. We kicked it off with a safety day put on by the local K-Mart. For some reason...(a monster truck rally), very few people showed up to it. Next weekend is our open house. We usually have a pretty good public attendance.

A few calls this weekend with the fire department: two brush fires, one unfounded, three EMS calls, and a vehicle roll over. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the vehicle roll over.

Other than that nothing much is going on.